X-ray Inspection Support Software

X-ray Inspection Support Software

What's new?

We introduce AI to the baggage inspection process to support inspectors and improve efficiency.

Usage scenarios

  • Heavy inspection workloads
  • Labor shortages
  • Difficulty training highly skilled workforce
  • Congestion caused by baggage reinspection
  • Trouble maintaining consistent inspection levels



  • Slow inspection times cause high congestion and customer complaints
  • Heavy workloads lead to higher risk of human error during inspection
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  • AI detection of target baggage
  • Visual support provides improved inspection efficiency, customer service, and reduced workloads
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Our product delivers a more efficient solution to X-ray baggage inspection with higher accuracy achieved by using automatic AI analysis technology.
Let's check the following baggage. Would it pass airport inspection and make it to the airplane?

X-ray baggage Image

This baggage contains overlapping items that are difficult to identify. However, it would be flagged as dangerous for containing a knife and scissors.
Inspectors are tasked with looking at X-ray images and performing rapid and accurate inspections in succession.
While it is crucial to insure safety, congestion caused by over-inspection can have negative effects on customer satisfaction. This could lead to undesired high physical and mental pressure on attending inspectors.
Our product supports existing inspection services and provides a safe and comfortable inspection environment by reducing workload.


The following video demonstrates how the AI detects target baggage items:


Up to 40% improved inspection efficiency*

Our product improves accuracy and increases the amount of inspectable baggage while maintaining high inspection levels

* Data based on the "X-ray Inspection Support Software" technology proof of concept conducted by Hitachi, Ltd.

Decreased workloads

AI provides visual support while maintaining the functionality of X-ray machines, decreasing inspection workloads for secruity staff

Supports inspection staff training

Digital images of scanned luggage and AI analysis results can be used as training material for inspectors


Feature 1 Highly accurate AI detection

Baggage items are detected using AI technology. Our product prevents missed detections by issuing an alert and informing inspectors of detected items.
Additionally, AI accuracy and the scope of detectable dangerous articles can be improved even after installation via machine learning.

Highly accurate AI detection

Feature 2 Allows the use of existing X-ray equipment without modification

A separate PC connected to the X-ray machine analyzes output images allowing you to use existing X-ray machines without the need to modify them. In addition, our product supports all types of X-ray machines regardless of manufacturer which can save additional costs.

Allows the use of existing X-ray equipment without modification

Feature 3 Single screen centralized monitoring for multiple lanes

Centralized monitoring on a single screen is available by connecting inspection PCs installed in each lane to the network.
Centralized monitoring can be a challenging task for inspectors. Our product improves monitoring efficiency by reducing workload associated with monitoring operations while allowing seperate control of each lane.

Feature 4 Flexible customization

Customizations include incorporation of LED signal towers to visualize detection results and moving detected articles to separate lanes by controlling the conveyor belt sorter.
We also provide customization and tuning, including physical configuration and installation and software setup tailored to your environment and use.

Flexible customization

* X-ray machine and PC required to install the X-ray Inspection Support Software.

Try our demo kit now with your current X-ray machine setup.
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